2021 Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project Mentee/Internship Program

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Please share this program with anyone or any project that might benefit from student internship resources funded by the Open Mainframe Project. See program details below.


Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project Mentee/Internship Program

Mentees/Interns will learn valuable mainframe skills to launch their career while helping improve the state of Linux and Open Source on Mainframe development community

Through the Open Mainframe Project Mentorship/Internship Program, mentees/interns will be able to….

  • Expand their knowledge of mainframe technology
  • Help contribute to open source projects that will make it easier for these infrastructure applications to run on the mainframe.
  • Learn crucial skills for an mentee/intern to be successful in a technology role within today’s enterprise, including but not limited to project planning, communication, problem solving, and scoping.
  • Be exposed to potential employers which help mentees/interns transition into their career path successfully.


The Open Mainframe Project provides a paid stipend to the selected mentees/interns. Learn more about the program and resources posted at Mentorship Program – Open Mainframe Project


Regards, Len

Leonard J Santalucia

CTO | Business Development Manager | Certified Specialist | IBM Champion

Chair Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project

Vicom Infinity, Inc.

IBM Gold Business Partner

New York, New York



Recipient of The North America IBM Z Business Partner Sales Excellence Award 

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