Financing Options

Accelerate your move to IBM zEnterprise with strategic funding options through IBM Global Financing Solutions

We can help deliver higher economic value with your IBM investments throughout the IT life cycle through IBM Global Financing Options

  • Highly competitive fixed rate financing with flexible terms and conditions that helps facilitate your zEnterprise™ acquisition and deliver a faster time to value
  • Preserve cash flow and credit lines with an alternate source of capital
  • Match cost outlays with expected benefits via customized financing structures
  • Flexible zEnterprise upgrade options minimize budget impact and system downtime
  • One-stop financing for all of your zEnterprise requirements, including server consolidation, data center transformation or migration to an IBM platform

Signs of economic improvement are evident, but capital remains at a premium, budgets are reduced and pressure remains to lower costs. Nevertheless, in today's new economy, companies still need to invest to grow and innovate. While meeting these demands remains crucial, it's the big picture – the ability to invest wisely backed by a compelling business case and financial strategy to support your long-range IT demands – that matters most.

By working with a strategic partner like IBM Global Financing, you can preserve critical capital and credit lines for core operations and revenue-generating initiatives, while leveraging our access to highly competitive funds to finance your IBM zEnterprise investments. With industry-leading expertise in IT financing, we can help customize a solution for you that delivers a faster time to value and helps lower costs throughout the IT life cycle.

Only IBM Global Financing has the breadth and depth of offerings, longevity, proven success and global reach to help you develop a robust financing and asset management strategy that provides you the opportunity to leverage new technologies and turn your ambitious vision into a tangible solution.

Whether you are upgrading, consolidating platforms or migrating to IBM, IBM Global Financing can deliver a total end-to-end financing solution that helps you obtain higher economic value from your IBM zEnterprise investments.

Lower the cost of technology acquisition; improve Return on Investment (ROI)

IBM Global Financing can help improve your business case and accelerate your zEnterprise acquisition. We provide credit-qualified clients with an additional source of funding and also help lower the overall cost of technology acquisition as you install new System z® equipment. Financing with our leases and loans also converts large upfront investments into a stream of monthly payments that lowers financial risk and makes budgeting easier and more predictable.

By using funds from IBM Global Financing to meet your hardware and software requirements, you can preserve cash for other strategic investments – whether that is growing your core business, funding additional innovation or staying competitive. This is always important, but especially so in today's tight credit environment.

For hardware products like the IBM zEnterprise platform, IBM Global Financing fair market value (FMV) lease offerings, with their strong residual values and competitive rates, can help improve total cost of ownership over outright purchase and improve key financial measurements such as ROI.

Facilitate asset management, minimize technology obsolescence

With FMV leasing from IBM Global Financing, clients can better facilitate the management of assets throughout their life cycles. As you approach the end of your lease, you have an array of options that includes extending your lease, purchasing the equipment outright or returning your leased assets to IBM.

Leasing offers a hedge against technology obsolescence by providing a scheduled second decision on ownership renewal or return at the end of the original lease term. Within a lease term, you can plan management of current assets and their refresh much easier. As needs grow, you can add upgrades to your equipment and quickly refinance your lease, often at a reduced monthly cost. And as your obligation on one lease ends, you can prepare to acquire replacement technology and capitalize on price performance improvements in a timely fashion.

If you lease, disposal of unneeded technology is simple: just return the equipment to IBM Global Financing at the end of the lease. For technology that you might have purchased, IBM Global Financing can assist you in managing safe and secure disposal, while complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations. IBM Global Financing can also help you recover value from retired systems by paying cash for marketable equipment via our buyback program, and we offer disk overwrite services on disposed equipment to help ensure data security.

Non-disruptive System z upgrades

IBM Global Financing and IBM can enable you to undertake a non-disruptive side-by-side migration for upgrades from an IBM System z990 processor or an IBM System z9® processor to the new IBM zEnterprise processor.

Simply order an IBM zEnterprise processor from IBM, and IBM and IBM Global Financing work together to create your new solution from existing inventory. After ensuring that everything is ready for cutover and completing the transition to your System zEnterprise processor, the originally leased System z10® processor is returned to IBM Global Financing for disposal or refurbishment. This process helps you avoid any disruption and, at the same time, you benefit from the transaction with a 12-month warranty.

Fast migration to IBM zEnterprise for new clients

For new accounts, we can help accelerate your move to IBM zEnterprise by replacing upfront server and migration costs with predictable monthly payments to help you better match consolidation or migration costs with expected benefits. This can help accelerate payback, improve ROI and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Not only do you preserve capital budget, but you get fixed rate competitive financing with flexible and friendly terms.

What's more we can bundle all of your upfront costs, including IBM and non-IBM hardware, software and services into recurring monthly payments. We can also assist you in sweeping the datacenter floor of older equipment and help you dispose of your IT equipment in a hassle-free, secure manner and in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. For marketable equipment, we can also help you realize the maximum residual cash value of your retired assets via our buyback services.

Offerings for technology upgrades through datacenter transformation

Our suite of offerings can help you address all your IT funding requirements from quickly adding capacity to undertaking complex and multiyear datacenter transformation projects.

  • zEnterprise technology upgrades – Whether you own or lease your System z equipment, we can help you move to the latest technology with minimal budget impact
  • IBM Project Financing™ – A customized, all-inclusive financial package for services, infrastructure solutions and business transformation projects
  • IBM Enterprise IT Financing Facility™ – A vehicle to implement comprehensive, efficient, customized and cost-effective lease and loan structures for IT hardware, software and services ranging from $50 to $500 million. This unique financing proposition is designed to cover multiple countries and subsidiary organizations via one centrally negotiated contract. It offers exceptional efficiency benefits to global companies that are making a large number of IT acquisitions over multiple years.
  • Open Infrastructure Offering (OIO) – Allows you to establish a relationship with IBM that can improve your price performance, provide interest rate protection for the life of your investments and enhance the reliability, scalability and flexibility of your IT environments. Flexible financing can be included in your OIO to help dramatically reduce the complexity involved in paying for your IT investments.

Unmatched resources to support your most ambitious IT initiatives

Innovation is the engine for growth. IBM Global Financing provides capital solutions to help you optimize your cash flow and IT assets, offering a variety of special financing options to address your unique situation. No other bank or technology company can match IBM and IBM Global Financing for the breadth of our business and technology solutions combined with our significant capital resources.

Banks do not live and breathe business/technology projects the way we do – so they lack the insight and perspective it takes to create flexible, financing options at preferred lending rates. Other IT vendors and consulting companies must partner with multiple sources to provide the deep global financial and comprehensive strength that IBM Global Financing can deliver. We provide payment and term flexibility to help you acquire the System z technology you need, while helping you preserve capital to fund innovation and growth.

IBM Global Financing is the largest IT financier in the world, with an asset base of US$34 billion and a client list that includes more than 90 percent of the FORTUNE 100. Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings has made us the world’s premier single-source provider for multivendor IT financing solutions. We can include hardware, software and professional services – from IBM as well as third-party manufacturers and vendors – in a single financing facility.

With operations in more than 50 countries, we can also provide competitive rates in international currencies, such as the US dollar or Euro, and in local currencies when needed.

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