Velocity Software

Performance management software for Linux through Velocity Software

Velocity Software is a leading supplier of performance management software for Linux. The company’s established track record in IBM mainframe has made it the go-to software platform for organizations looking to ensure the best possible performance in z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, and Linux on System z (“zLinux”) environments, including capacity planning and performance tuning. As Linux on z/VM increasingly makes its way into data centers and traditional mainframe installations, IT organizations are turning more and more frequently to Velocity Software as a cost-efficient alternative to buying additional hardware in order to improve system performance. And now you can also have your z/OS and z/VSE environments leverage the tools available from Velocity Software.

As a Velocity Software reseller partner, Vicom Infinity’s long history in IBM mainframe, z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, and Linux makes it uniquely qualified to help customers get the most from their mainframes. Vicom Infinity’s experienced staff works closely with Velocity Software’s engineers and technical experts to evaluate, recommend and install the proper solution for performance management. Vicom Infinity’s consultants have extensive knowledge of the unique capabilities of the Velocity solutions, including its agent-less design, which significantly cuts system overhead to improve performance.

Vicom Infinity can demonstrate the performance advantages of Velocity’s solution over those of competitors by setting up a proof-of-concept or pilot installation, augmented by independent research that has consistently proven the significant performance advantages delivered by Velocity Software. Organizations looking to take advantage of the flexibility and cost efficiency of Linux on IBM Z, z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE, as well as needing to optimize performance in transaction-intensive applications, can benefit from the powerful partnership between Velocity Software and Vicom Infinity.

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