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Architecting a business continuity and disaster recovery system utilizing advanced technology that provides a safter, more automated solution for multiple data centers

Business continuity is vital to business success. In a competitive environment, any unplanned interruption or loss of data can be disastrous for an organization. The unpredictability of world events, including terrorist and extreme weather events, has been a wake up call for many businesses.

When a severe incident caused widespread outages and business disruption in a major U.S. city, one of the world’s largest news delivery organizations was able to recover their systems and restore their communications relatively quickly. But the event left senior executives questioning their disaster recovery system. With a commitment to delivering quality news and information around the world 24x365 across multiple platforms, no unplanned downtime could be tolerated.

The company turned to Vicom Infinity to architect the optimal Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity System for their environment. The Vicom Infinity team assessed the company’s requirements and operations across their multiple data centers. Drawing upon their expertise in the mainframe environment, virtualization, disk and tape subsystems, and Tivoli Storage Manager, Vicom Infinity designed, tested and implemented a complete business continuity and disaster recovery solution within six months.

The most advanced IBM mainframe, disk, tape and software technologies were installed at the company’s “cold site” data center. Virtualization was employed to save data center floor space, save energy and reduce the cost and management complexity of multiple servers. Tivoli Storage Management reduced risk by providing the optimal protection for the company’s data and reduced complexity by centralizing and automating data protection. Communications were established between the company’s data centers.

Unlike solutions that include manually removing, transporting and restoring tape backups, the Infinity solution utilized advanced technology to provide a safer, more automated solution. Tape backups were written remotely to a storage silo in the data center, providing the ultimate protection and ensuring the ability to restore data back to any of their sites.

Thanks to Vicom Infinity, one of the world’s leading news delivery organizations will continue to deliver information globally 24x365, no matter what happens.

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