IBM Premier Business Partner

Vicom Infinity is an IBM Premier Business Partner. IBM remains the industry's single most innovative and influential company when it comes to enterprise computing. Whether your IT organization requires technology solutions and consulting for the data center, workgroup computing or mobility solutions, IBM's hardware, software and services are going to be key ingredients in solving problems and advancing business goals.

If your solutions require world-class technology solutions such as mainframes, blade servers, enterprise storage, collaboration software, operating systems, middleware tools or transformative applications, IBM and Vicom Infinity can design, deploy and support solutions that make a difference.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Vicom Infinity (along with our sister company Infinity Systems Software) has developed a deep and broad understanding of how best to put IBM technologies and services to work for your organization. We've helped numerous companies leverage IBM's Smarter Computing initiative for important advancements in operational efficiency, competitive advantage and workforce empowerment, and we've built a relationship with IBM based upon trust, reliability and proven competence. Vicom Infinity and IBM will sit down with your IT and business executives to determine how to custom-design a solution tailored to your most pressing business challenges.

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