Docker and Container Technology

One of the hottest server technologies today is container technology. Instead of virtualizing the entire OS, containers share most of OS kernel and has dedicated user space and control groups. This brings numerous financial and operational benefits to IT operations, such as short time-to-market, reusable environments and reduced TCO.

The container concept (isolation of processes/user space) was first introduced with Unix chroot in 1979. Real-world implementation and tooling was introduced by Docker in 2014. Docker’s approach to make container service as a server-client, allowed users to create a snapshot of a server, upload to a central repository, and then share/deploy anywhere without having to re-configure the server.

This simple approach has gotten the attention of developers and has spread like wildfire. Today, most operating systems support Docker and tooling around Docker (Docker UCP, IBM Cloud Private (Kubernates) etc.) has become quite popular among the IT operations community.

Vicom Infinity has been working with Docker since 2015 and involved in many customer use cases, proof of concepts and proof of technology deployments on IBM Z. We can help identify the best workloads and solutions suited for container technology and help adopt and implement Docker in your enterprise. Please contact us to start your journey with Docker Container technology.

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