Fiber Channel Switching Platforms through Brocade

As the pre-eminent leader in Fibre Channel data center fabrics, Brocade ships thousands of Fibre Channel switching platforms every year, and its solutions are utilized in 90% of Fortune 1000 data centers. Brocade offers a range of solutions in partnership with IBM that serve as a foundation to deliver purpose-built High Performance Computing, Big Data and disaster recovery solutions. These solutions are designed to enable optimized workloads, such as public and private clouds, analytics, Web 2.0 and other High Performance Computing applications. The available solutions are:

  • IBM Intelligent Cluster – For High Performance Computing

  • Big Data – For analyzing data in real-time, as well as data at rest

  • Distance vMotion with IBM SVC Stretched Cluster – For disaster recovery and business continuity

  • IBM System z Virtual Tape/ DASD Replication – For an IBM System Z solution over distance

Vicom Infinity supports the full range of joint IBM/Brocade solutions with system design, capacity planning and modeling, installation planning and implementation and software migration, as well as Disk/Tape/SAN/NAS migration planning, management and performance tuning.

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