Managing Data Storage Solutions for IT Organizations

Managing storage is one of the biggest challenges facing IT organizations in today’s environment. According to IDC, the amount of data being created worldwide is doubling every two years. According to a study by IBM, we are now producing as much data every 10 minutes, as was created from the beginning of recorded history through 2003.

Simply buying more flash, disk, and tape capacity to account for all of that capacity will not work: Not only will costs rise out of control, the amount of time and attention devoted to managing storage will be out of sync with your other IT goals.

Organizations are looking for storage solutions today that can be efficient in managing storage, while delivering on the speed, capacity, reliability and resiliency required to support next-generation agile business initiatives.

Among the major characteristics IT organizations are looking for from their storage environments are: Storage tiering, depuplication, storage optimization, replication, archiving, cost-efficient backup, simple scalability and resiliency. Vicom Infinity offers a full range of solutions to help our customers achieve their storage goals, whether that’s to boost performance, speed backups, expand archiving, grow capacity or any combination of the above.

Storage solutions include the IBM system storage ds8880, IBM flashsystem 9100, IBM TS7760 Virtual Tape Solution, IBM TS3500 Tape Library, and other products as well. All Vicom Infinity storage solutions include:

  • Architecture design
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Consolidation migration
  • Systems exploitation
  • Systems management
  • Systems administration
  • Systems operation
  • Access to certified storage specialists
  • Disk and/or tape studies

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