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Open Mainframe Project Members and Community,


Welcome to 2021! The year for the Open Mainframe Project is already in full swing, with many activities in plan and our 16 hosted projects and working groups driving collaboration. Here’s what we are focusing on this year.


Continue to foster an inclusive environment

Diversity is always a hot topic in the technology industry and open source. It’s widely acknowledged that we need an inclusive environment with different perspectives. Open Mainframe Project is committed to creating an environment that values unique backgrounds, experiences and strengths. Members of our leadership team, marketing committee and developer community represent this.


This year we commit to launching a working group to focus on diversity and inclusion within our project communities and the mainframe ecosystem at large. If you have interest in this effort, please join the mailing list at for updates.


More collaboration with other open source projects

Our projects and working groups have many touch points across the open source world, especially in the areas of security, DevOps, and cloud infrastructure. This year our projects are committing to collaborate with many of these projects and foundations, with the aim of bringing mainframe to these communities which will help end-users streamline their IT infrastructure and investments. Stay tuned for more news in the coming months.


2021 Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program had a great session earlier this month connecting potential mentees with some of our hosted projects and member projects looking to mentor. There is still time to connect with projects that will be hosting mentorships or become a mentor; head to LFX Mentorships to share your interest.


We are excited to announce that in addition to hosting mentorships on LFX Mentorship, we are also applying to be a Google Summer of Code mentoring organization. Stay tuned for more information.


Monthly Webinar Series 

We have a great lineup of webinars coming up that will help you learn more about some of our hosted projects and how to get involved. Check out the schedule below and register today.

If you have a topic you would like to see covered, or would like to present on an open source project on mainframe, please let us know. We also invite you to check out our YouTube channel, where you can find recordings of past webinars as well as many of the events we took part in in 2020.


As always, we are working with the Governing Board and technical communities to find more ways to drive collaboration and engagement across the hosted projects and the ecosystem as a whole. If you see ways that Open Mainframe Project can help – feel free to reach out to me or come to an upcoming meeting and get involved.


Thank you, again, for your support of the Open Mainframe Project!


John Mertic

Director – Open Mainframe Project

+1 234-738-4571

Schedule a meeting with me at

548 Market St,., PMB 57274, San Francisco, CA 94104-5401, United States

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