IBM LinuxOne Solutions

IBM LinuxONE is a platform for Linux workloads that can scale from the smallest deployments to extreme scales with the highest level of security possible, and perform at amazing speed. The platform, which is based on IBM mainframe technology, is made up of two basic distinctions, the Rockhopper and the Emperor models. The Rockhopper is designed for smaller deployments and emerging market clients that want the stability of a rock solid platform along with a smaller and less expensive entry point. The Emperor is more robust with massive scalability and speed that can scale up to thousands of virtual machines or even tens of thousands of containers, which is far more than any other available single server.

The IBM LinuxONE was built for speed, scalability, security, and efficiency so that it can handle the demanding workloads that businesses are faced with today and in the future.

IBM LinuxONE provides everything needed to service any or all of the following areas:

  • Private cloud or hybrid cloud deployment
  • Security to guard against both internal and external threats
  • Open source application development and deployment
  • Data serving and data analytics
  • New workloads such as Blockchain

Your business and growth are dependent on providing exceptional, protected, and trusted experiences to your customers to capture new markets and stay ahead of competition. The IBM LinuxONE delivers that superior platform with pervasive encryption, extreme scalability, highest availability and unparalleled security. All with the lower cost of ownership and a faster return on investment.

Vicom Infinity is certified and skilled in the IBM LinuxONE platform, and considers this part of our core business model. We have installed and supported LinuxONE workloads at a variety of organizations, both large and small, and across various industries. We look forward to working with you.

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