IBM Z Platform Solutions

IBM Z has always been a leader in reliability, availability, and scalability. IBM Z continues to bring technological innovation to the computing community. Innovations such as Parallel SYSPLEX, Processor Virtualization, and a robust I/O subsystem makes IBM Z an essential to any processor platform decision. IBM Z is configured as 2 machine types. The z/14 which is a 2-frame processor with the ability to scale to 170 Engines and 32TB of memory and the ZR1 housed in a single 19" rack which can scale up to 30 Engines and 8TB. IBM Z is committed to providing unmatched ability to grow your investment seamlessly.

Today, as the world enters a new age of computing IBM Z is well placed to take advantage of a faster and more connected world. IBM Z Secure Service Container allows a client to download and run Firmware/Software Appliances within the IBM Z. Analytics and Blockchain applications can be easily ported and built. An open connected world requires a high level of security. IBM Z has introduced Pervasive Encryption, which, when properly implemented will provide end to end security for your IBM Z computing environment and your valuable data. This high level of security (AES-256) carries forward into your Cloud computing choice.

IBM Z is designed for connectivity as well as synergy. IBM Z strives to augment both Hardware and Software. Examples of this can be found in new features such as Enhanced Data Compression which is a necessity when encrypting large amounts of data. Storage can be connected via FC or FCP. A new feature, HYPERLINK deploys PCIe and connects the DS8888 directly to the IBM Z which delivers lightning fast read performance. Cryptographic hardware has been enhanced to accommodate a Pervasive Encryption strategy which would keep large amounts of data securely encrypted while not sacrificing performance of SLA commitments.

IBM Z can run a variety of Operating Systems simultaneously. IBM Z can accommodate z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, z/TPF along with Linux and a host of middleware and appliances.

IBM Z is well suited to leverage its inherent strengths and exploit new features and functions to help organizations navigate through an ever changing and more complex world.

Vicom Infinity is certified and skilled in IBM Z platform solutions, and considers this part of our core business model. We have installed and supported IBM Z at a variety of organizations, both large and small, and across various industries. We look forward to working with you.

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