MVMUA – invitation to our April 19, 2022 meeting

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2022-Virtual Users Group Meeting


Date:     Tuesday, April 19

Time:    9:45am – 2:00pm (Eastern Time Zone)

Meeting page:

MVMUA board members:

Eric Schuler-Dalverny President

Bill Munson Secretary

Email:              [email protected]




09:45 am EDT – WEBex started – ready for connections.


10:00 am EDT – Eric Schuler-Dalverny – welcome, opening remarks, and VM news




10:05 am EDT – Lauren Maietti from IBM will present:


Title:  z/VM News you can Use


Abstract: Broadcasting live from the comfort of her home, Lauren will update you with the latest

news from the z/VM Development Lab. Whether you’re tuning in from your home, the office,

the road, or even walking your dog, the team is here to provide you with…z/VM News you can Use.




10:30 am EDT – Romney White and Brian Wade from IBM will present:


Title:  NVMe Function and Support on LoZ and z/VM

Abstract: NVMe EDEVICE support allows Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) devices connected via PCI Express (PCIe) adapters to be defined and managed as Fixed-Block Architecture (FBA) emulated devices (EDEVICEs). This enables the high throughput and low latency of these devices to be exploited

but presents some challenges in the area of device management. The architecture and design of the

implementation will be described, some performance results will be presented, and the current

project status and outlook will be described.




11:20 pm EDT – Gerard Howells from Kyndryl will present:


Title:  “Proximity is Everything”


Abstract:  This presentation describes the architectural and operational advantages of relocating

distributed Linux workload to z/VM.





12:10 am EDT – Lunch break




12:30 pm EDT – Tim Greer from IBM will present:


Title:  DR_DRCT:  A Journey with the USER DIRECTory


Abstract:  When systems grow, the size and complexity of the user directory grows along with it.

A new release means new virtual machines in the directory.  When setting up a new system it may

be convenient to clone a directory, but then changes are required. You can write tools to make

directory modification tasks easier. The DR_DRCT package on the z/VM Download page includes some

such tools; it also represents an education on capabilities of the directory. We take a tour of

those tools, the motivation behind them, and some of that education.




01:15 pm EDT – Meeting adjourned and thanks to Broadcom.


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