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Pervasive Encryption with IBM Z

The New Standard for IT Businesses - Pervasive Encryption with IBM Z

At the core of every enterprise is data, which if lost or exposed might cause irreparable damage to the business or organization. In many instances, regulatory requirements are designed to safeguard data with high penalties if the requirements are not met or if sensitive data is exposed.

Because of this issue, enterprises are experiencing increased pressure from internal and external sources to protect and govern data. These demands are changing the perspective around securely handling data.

One of the most impactful ways to protect data is to establish a fortified perimeter around that data by using encryption. Protecting the data that is required to achieve compliance should be viewed as a minimum threshold. Best practices suggest a shift from selective encryption (protecting only specific types of data) to pervasive encryption (encrypting all data).

Pervasive encryption for IBM Z platforms is a consumable approach to enable extensive encryption of data in-flight and data at-rest. This approach substantially simplifies encryption and reduces the cost that is associated with protecting data and meeting compliance mandates.

Pervasive Encryption is enabled through tight platform integration:

Integrated Crypto Hardware

  • Hardware accelerated encryption on every core, CPACF performance improvements of 7x Crypto Express6S – PCIe Hardware Security Module (HSM) & Cryptographic Coprocessor

Data at Rest

  • Broadly protect Linux file systems and z/OS data sets using policy controlled encryption that is transparent to applications and databases


  • Protect z/OS Coupling Facility data end-to-end, using encryption that’s transparent to applications


  • Protect network traffic using standards based encryption from end to end, including encryption readiness technology to ensure that z/OS systems meet approved encryption criteria

Secure Service Container

  • Secure deployment of software appliances including tamper protection during installation and runtime, restricted administrator access, and encryption of data and code in-flight and at-rest

Secure Application Offerings

  • Monitoring of security events from IBM Z Systems is often performed by the people that implement security changes!
  • With a suite of applications that helps address those unique security challenges that may impact the mainframe

Vicom Infinity is certified and skilled in Pervasive Encryption with IBM Z. We have installed and supported it in organizations, both large and small, and across various industries. We look forward to working with you.

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