System Z

IBM z Series Mainframe Solutions

As IBM’s cutting-edge, sleek, modernized mainframe infrastructure, z Series helps organizations put mainframe performance to work for a wide variety of requirements, with significantly improved energy savings, lower costs and reduced physical space requirements compared with traditional mainframes. System z mainframes are at the heart of IBM’s zEnterprise solutions, comprising mainframes, blade servers and software optimized for either large enterprises or mid-sized organizations.

As data center managers look to deliver more performance in a flexible, cost-efficient solution, the System z lineup delivers improved, demonstrable business value. Whether your organization is looking to deploy on-premise infrastructure, virtualized solutions or cloud computing, System z mainframes and the zEnterprise System are an ideal solution.

As one of IBM’s most experienced and highly regarded Business Partners, Vicom Infinity understands how best to leverage System z mainframes and servers for your needs. The zEnterprise solution is a great platform for your advanced data analytics, mobility and cloud computing requirements, and Vicom Infinity’s proven capabilities will help you achieve mainframe-class performance, security and resiliency in an agile, affordable configuration.



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