User Training

User training is critical in ensuring and accelerating time to value for IT organizations

One of the big pressures on IT organizations these days is accelerating time to value – making sure that the business begins reaping the benefits of its technology investments as quickly as possible. In striving to accelerate time to value, many IT professionals will focus on application development, systems integration and other technology-based initiatives.

In addition, however, user training for IT organizations should also be a critical component of all initiatives. In fact, failure to gain user support and/or failure to properly train the IT team on implementation can severely hamper the rollout of a new application or service. You can look at many of the early deployments of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as a prime example where lack of user training had a stifling impact.

At Vicom Infinity, we provide user training for any customer that needs it. We work with end users and IT so they get a clear understanding of what is new with the technology and how to use additional features more effectively. We recognize the value of proper user training, and we make sure our customers receive it.

Beyond that, Vicom Infinity is the industry's leading provider of user training for users of the IBM z/VM operating system. Our z/VM training classes are highly regarded throughout the IBM world and, in fact, are often recommended by IBM itself.

Setting the standard for training in the z/VM environment

In addition to providing comprehensive user training for all of our customers, Vicom Infinity offers specialized training for IBM z/VM customers. The simple reality is that our team has more experience in the z/VM environment than just about anyone else in the world. In fact, our CTO and Business Development Manager, Len Santalucia, was the very first person IBM put in place to launch its Linux initiative in 1999. There's good reason that many people have referred to him as "Lenux."

There is no set formal schedule to our z/VM classes, but we typically offer z/VM training at our headquarters in New York City at least once a quarter, and usually more often than that. We will also conduct training classes at customer sites, which helps our customers save money on travel costs and allows them to have more users attend the classes.

Customers have experienced tremendous benefits from our training classes. Because of the depth of our knowledge base and experience in z/VM, we are able to guide our customers with practical knowledge they can use immediately to save time and money and to enhance productivity. We tell customers what to be careful of and we point them to short cuts that are very valuable. Customers who go through our z/VM training walk away far more capable of doing a successful implementation – without having to reinvent the wheel.

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