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Building the right IT infrastructure to support – and empower – an increasingly mobile workforce

Businesses of all types are evolving rapidly as they take advantage of technology initiatives such as mobility, cloud computing, social media and Big Data, to name just a few. By working closely with Vicom Infinity as a trusted partner, organizations can successfully evolve their underlying technology infrastructure to keep up with the changing needs of the business.

Case in point: We have been working with one customer for more than 16 years, assisting them with all aspects of their IT environment – infrastructure, software, application development, support, programming and just about everything else. When it came time to upgrade their mainframe several years ago, we performed a capacity study, studied applications and usage levels and came up with a solution that helped them realign technology resources and save significant dollars.

But there was another important aspect of the business we had to consider as well: This particular organization relies heavily on a mobile workforce. In the past, workers would go out into the field and gather information, then file reports. The reports would be batch processed and information was often dated, which limited its value.

With the availability of technology such as smartphones and tablets, the business recognized that it now had the opportunity to equip its mobile workers with devices that could enable them to file and gather real-time information to do their jobs far more efficiently. In this particular case, the value of having mobile workers accessing real-time actionable information could even save lives.

To enable real-time access to data and to support a highly mobile work force, however, the organization had to ensure that the back-end infrastructure was up to the task. Vicom Infinity worked with the organization to put the right hardware in place, from the next-generation mainframe to the storage solutions to the network bandwidth required to support mobile devices. In partnership with Infinity Systems Software, we ensured that the mobile devices and applications interacted properly with the back-end databases to receive and deliver current information to and from mobile workers.

Because of our long history with the organization, along with our own business processes and philosophy, we were able to understand their business needs, workflows and applications, and we were able to provide the right technology solutions as mobility became more important to their success. And, as their business continues to change, we will continue to ensure that the right technology solutions are in place to support ongoing success.

At Vicom Infinity we concentrate on partnering with the customer and aligning the technology to meet the needs of the business. In the case of this customer, they are now able to support mobile workers in innovative new ways, increasing productivity, reducing costs and significantly improving customer service.

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