Nov 10th IBM Systems Panel during IBM Champions track at IBM Community Festival

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Open Source Meets IBM Systems



Bring your questions for this panel of IBM Champions who have been supporting, contributing to, and implementing open source on two of IBM’s key platforms: IBM i and IBM Z. The panel will feature Andy Youens, Managing Director of FormaServe in the UK; Phil Allison, Enterprise Architect at Black Knight Inc in the USA, who has been working with Ansible on IBM Z; and Len Santalucia, CTO at IBM Z Platinum Business Partner Vicom Infinity, A Converge Company, and Governing Board Chair of the Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project. They will share their experiences and provide insights you will certainly find valuable in your discussions with clients and colleagues.


Date: 10 Nov

Time: 11:30 ET/17:30 GMT +1

Duration: 60 min


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