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    “This event is especially designed for Z clients, Linux on Z clients, Z Storage Clients, Business Partners, and IBMers
Tuesday, November 30th, 2021
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST
Virtual Webex Meeting

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Come join us for our grand finale event of 2021 where everyone will learn more about how Real-time AI on IBM Z and LinuxONE will support and enhance your AI Strategy and modernize your enterprise. But wait there’s more! Learn about the latest and greatest IBM Storage Systems available for the IBM Z and LinuxONE Systems! We can’t wait to see you there!




1:00 – 2:00 Real-time AI for Enterprise Workloads: IBM Telum Processor – Dr. Christian Jacobi


5 minute break


2:05 – 3:05 IBM Z and LinuxONE AI Strategy and Relevant Use Cases – Elpida Tzortzatos


10 minute break


3:15 – 4:00 DS8000 for Z Systems – Bradly Proctor


5 minute break


4:05 – 5:00 IBM TS7700 Virtual Tape for Z Systems – Jeffrey Dunko


Presentation Descriptions & Bios: 

Real-time AI for Enterprise Workloads: the IBM Telum Processor


Telum is the processor chip for the next generation IBM Z and LinuxOne systems. Christian will present details of the new processor chip, including the new cache design and the built-in accelerator for AI – optimized for real-time AI inferencing embedded directly into enterprise workloads.


Dr. Christian Jacobi is a Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for microprocessors at IBM with over 20 years of experience in IBM Z and IBM POWER systems. Christian is highly experienced in micro-architecture, logic design, performance analysis, verification, development and hardware and software co-optimization. Dr. Jacobi was the Chief Architect for the z15 microprocessor and is currently working on next generation IBM Z systems.



IBM Z and LinuxONE AI Strategy and Relevant Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a profoundly transformative technology that continuous to grow. It is widely adopted by many businesses around the world, for a plethora of use cases. In this session, IBM Fellow Elpida Tzortzatos will cover current and future directions of the IBM Z and LinuxONE AI Strategy and the opportunities it opens for embedding AI into Z workloads and products, to fully exploit data for insights that drive business results. Elpida will also showcase main use cases relevant to Z, such as fraud detection, and cover the adoption patterns to accelerate time-to-value driving insights at scale for the enterprise.


Elpida Tzortzatos is an IBM Fellow and IBM CTO for AI on IBM Z.  During her IBM career, Elpida has

driven industry-leading infrastructure innovations into the Z platform. Her achievements have influenced every layer of the IBM Z stack, contributing to many products and enhancements driving significant customer value. Her current responsibilities include leading the AI strategy for IBM Z focused on infusing AI into critical business workloads running on IBM Z.



DS8000 for Z Systems


More than any other company, IBM is fully committed in offering the best storage solutions for the IBM Z mainframe by designing, developing and testing together – offering deep synergy features and functions.  This is why the DS8000 is the market leader and provides the highest performance, highest availability, and best multi-site resiliency for the IBM Z platform.  Join this session for an overview of the current DS8 family along with details on the latest features which help to reduce critical workload response times, reduce IBM Z MIPs consumption, and increase cyber resiliency to become a ‘must have’ component of your company’s cyber protection strategy.


Brad Proctor, North America DS8000 Sales Leader, is part of the North America sales team and is responsible for DS8000 sales across the USA and Canada.  He has over 30 years of experience in mainframe servers, virtual tape storage and enterprise disk storage.  Brad has worked specifically with the IBM DS8000 over the last 10 years.  He works as an advocate to help improve client mainframe/server performance and resiliency.



IBM TS7700 Virtual Tape for Z Systems


IBM’s TS7770 is more than just a Virtual Tape Solution.  Learn how it can be used to manage your data, build DR solutions for rapid recovery or simply store data in the most economical way.  Needing to build an On-prem private Cloud for Z?  Learn how IBM Tape can help.


Jeffrey Dunko, North America Tape Sales Specialist, is part of the North America Tape sales team focusing on the Financial Services Market.  He has 32 years of z/OS system experience mostly focusing in tape storage.  15 have been with IBM and previous 17 selling other tape solutions or managing tape infrastructure for end user clients.



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