More info on .NET 6.0 support now available on IBM Z and LinuxONE

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.NET 6.0 is now supported on IBM Z and LinuxONE!

Posted: 19 Nov 2021 04:28 AM PST

Thanks to a joint effort of IBM, RedHat, Microsoft, and Sine Nomine Associates, as well as the .NET and Mono open source communities, .NET 6 is now available for IBM Z and LinuxONE.

.NET 6.0 for IBM Z and LinuxONE can be obtained via:

§ .NET 6.0 RPM packages in the AppStream repositories of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5

§ .NET 6.0 runtime & SDK UBI container images:

§  Use the ubi8/dotnet-60-runtime image to run a precompiled application.

§  Use the ubi8/dotnet-60 to build applications yourself.

In order to build a .NET application for IBM Z, the application has to be ported to .NET 6.0 first. This “porting” often just means to bump up all dependencies on older .NET components to its .NET 6.0 versions. Please see the presentation from Ulrich Weigand below. It uses a common open source package as an example to explain what needs to be done.


§ IBM Announcement:

§ RedHat Announcement:

§ Microsoft Announcement:

§ .NET conference presentation by IBM Distingiushed Engineer, Ulrich Weigand


New ELF ABI document for IBM Z and LinuxONE

Posted: 19 Nov 2021 04:51 AM PST

The “ELF Application Binary Interface s390x Supplement” is an addition to the generic ELF ABI document. It defines the IBM Z and LinuxONE specific calling and linkage conventions and thereby sets the standard for compiler and linker developers to ensure interoperability between different implementations.

In contrast to the older versions hosted by the Linux Foundation, this document is a major overhaul. Apart from many layout and wording improvements it also covers the vector ABI extensions introduced with IBM z13.

You can access the document here:



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