Marist College New Course Offering in Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity. Enrollment now Open

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Cutting Edge New Technology Course

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Starting this fall offering a NEW course in 

Introduction to Quantum Computer Algorithms and Programming


Quantum Computing provides an examination of the landscape, key terms, and concepts needed to understand quantum computing algorithms.


Students will experiment with writing and executing code on a working quantum computer, the IBM Q System, using the open source Qiskit language in a secure, online virtual cloud lab environment. 


Offering this course in the fall 2020. Classes start August 31 through November 20, 2020.  For more information contact us at [email protected]

  Apply to learn about this new innovative, cutting edge technology.


  • Build technical and transferable skills 
  • Update your marketable and competitive skills
  • Find your path to success


Offering Educational & Affordable Programs

The Cybersecurity Certificate is suitable for entry-level positions in the computer science or information technology fields, senior system managers, system administrators, or technical professionals looking to broaden their skill set or transition into security from adjacent fields such as criminal justice, business and finance, or healthcare. For more information contact us at [email protected]


The Cybersecurity Certificate will start this fall with

 Introduction to Cybersecurity, CMPT 416N 758, 4 credits

August 31, 2020 – November 20, 2020

Easy enrollment through the IDCP office 
For more information, contact: 

Roberta Diggins

r[email protected]




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