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This document provided by the Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project COBOL Task Group lists a variety of recently published articles and blogs about the COBOL language. It aims to provide a body of evidence that supports a positive view of the COBOL language. It is therefore somewhat selective in what has been included and in which section it resides.


General Positive and Vendor Neutral Articles/Publications


This section aims to include general, vendor-neutral (non-proprietary) and positive views on COBOL. It is a mixture of IT press, industry body or vendor-supported publications. For this list, we have included articles that are overtly mainframe-centric as well as those less platform-specific in nature. While COBOL is, by-design, portable and platform agnostic, its relationship with the mainframe should also be accepted and noted, so both types of coverage are included.





2019 and earlier

COBOL and the Skills Question


Articles or blogs that specifically discuss the “skills issue” as it relates to COBOL (all material included)


COBOL versus ripping and replacing

Articles or blogs that discuss the merits of alternative approaches to sticking with COBOL

Vendor-Specific, Positive Commentary about COBOL


This section contains commentary that is positive in nature but is clearly vendor-centric or vendor-written and therefore too proprietary for direct use by this group. The information nonetheless provides a positive commentary about COBOL and is included for completeness.

Less Than Positive Commentary (all types)

Selected illustrations of poorly researched or negatively portrayed comments about the language.

Other Related Documentation

Useful documentation that does not fit any category and which does not relate directly to COBOL.


Other Media Types – Podcasts, Video Content, Live Event Recordings


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