NY Metro NaSPA Chapter Meeting: Wednesday, 22 April, 2020 – webex

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The next NY Metro NaSPA Chapter meeting is on Wednesday, 22 April, from 10:00 A.M. until approximately 3:00 P.M.  For the first time ever, this will be a WebEx only event, starting at 10:00 A.M.

The three sessions below are on the agenda:

  • “Upgrade to z/OS V2R4 Part 1:  Planning”, Marna Walle, IBM
  • “Upgrade to z/OS V2R4 Part 2: Technical Actions”, Marna Walle, IBMAbstract: This a two-part session that is of interest to system programmers and their managers who are upgrading to z/OS 2.4. We strongly recommended that you attend both sessions for a complete upgrade picture.

    In part one, Marna focuses on preparing for your z/OS 2.4 upgrade. Marna discusses the changed content of z/OS 2.4, the ordering and delivery options, and explains the coexistence, migration, fall back, and service policies. Driving and target system requirements for both software and hardware is highlighted along with some migrations actions you can perform now on your current z/OS release.

    About the Speaker: Marna Walle is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the z/OS System Installation group at IBM Poughkeepsie. Her current responsibilities include z/OS migration and new installation technologies. Marna is a frequent speaker at customer conferences.

  • “Virtual Storage Analysis: Exploring Below the Bar Private Storage Problems”, Patty Little, IBMAbstract:

    Join Patty Little in her virtual world as she delves into debugging below the bar storage problems. This session explores debug of below the bar private storage problems. You will learn techniques used by z/OS Software Support to analyze below the bar private (local) storage usage for an address space (job) in a system dump by using VSMDATA reports. With these techniques, you will be able to assess the private storage usage for a job, and identify areas of growth or extreme usage. The GET/FREE trace will also be discussed to help identify who obtained the storage.About the Speaker:

    After 3 years as a developer, Patty went to z/OS L2 support on a temporary assignment. Thirty-two years later she is still in L2, enjoying problem solving at its finest and most challenging, as she diagnoses customer problems in the Supervisor, RTM, SLIP, and VSM component areas.

Registration: No registration is required for this session!. However, I ask that you RSVP to me ( in case there is a change to the WebEx information.

WebEx Information:

        Meeting link:
        Meeting number:        494 962 282
        Password:                 WebExOnlyNaSPA (93239665 from phones and video systems)

The meeting is open to non-NaSPA members and is free.
  Please pass this invitation on to your colleagues!

– Mark

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