Carolinas zEnterprise Council – November Meeting (November 16, 2018)

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zEnterprise Customer Council
MetLife I
101 MetLife Way Cary, NC 27513
Friday, November 16th, 2018, 8:30AM – 3:30PM
Your Hosts:
Rich Gast, Business Unit Executive, IBM
Garry Grandlienard, Z Client Architect, IBM
Mitch Hoffman, Regional Manager of the Carolinas, Rocket Software
Len Santalucia, Business Development Manager, Vicom-Infinity, Inc.

You are cordially invited to join us for our next zEnterprise Customer Council event on the campus of MetLife in Cary. The goal of the council is to provide our customers in management positions and their employees a forum to learn the latest System z technologies and directions.

We’ll start off our day with a welcome from our site host, MetLife, followed by a presentation by Mike Riggs, the Manager of Systems and Database Administrationfor the Office of the Executive Secretary at the Supreme Court of Virginia. Mike will share how the Supreme Court of Virginia leverages the capabilities of their IBM platform, detailing the continuing growth of Linux on Z Systems while maintaining continuity with z/VSE, z/VM and other platforms.

Our second presentation will be Db2 AI by Jerome Gilbert, North America zAnalytics Technical Leader.  There is no doubt that machine learning has become prevalent in our daily activities as it helps us make better data driven decisions.  It makes sense to extend this same technology to help tune performance for Db2 for z/OS.  By applying machine learning to distill insights from your workload characteristics, we empower the Db2 optimizer to find better paths for SQL queries.  This solution delivers out-of-the-box CPU and elapsed time savings for an overall performance boost.

After lunch we’ll hear about Project Zowe from Todd Lipp, Senior Sales Engineer from Rocketand Bruce Armstrong from IBM.  Project Zowe is a recently announced open source project under the Open Mainframe Project  providing easier interoperability of the z/OS operating system and z/OS products. Zowe founding companies are IBM, Rocket Software and CA Technologies. Zowe is the first open source project based on z/OS. This new framework will enable an ecosystem of software solutions intended to provide a simple, intuitive environment for a variety of IT professionals performing administrative, development, test and operation tasks on z/OS, and help onboard the next generation of mainframe users.

Next up will be an update on the Open Mainframe project. Len Santalucia,CTO of Vicom Infinityand Chairperson of the Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project.  Len will talk about conclusions made from a recent survey completed by the Open Mainframe Project regarding the usage of Linux on IBM Z and the business value the mainframe provides.
We’ll end our day with a presentation on Container Pricing by Scott Engleman, z/OS Offering Manager from IBM.  Container Pricing makes pricing simpler and more economical for qualified solutions. It’s a framework for hosting simplified and flexible software pricing for qualified solutions running on the z13 and z14 IBM processors, and allows specific workloads to be metered, reported on, and optionally capped, whether on a dedicated LPAR or co-located with existing workloads on an existing LPAR with no direct impact on your 4 Hour Rolling Average.  There were 3 announced Solutions in November 2017: Application Development and Test, New Application Solution and Payments Pricing Solution.  Additionally, in October 2018, the Application Development and Test Solution and the New Application Solution had updated announcements.  All of this will be discussed in this session.

8:30AM Arrival and Breakfast
9:00AM Welcome and Opening Remarks – MetLife and IBM
9:15AM System Z at Supreme Court of Virginia
10:15AM Break
10:30AM Db2 AI
11:30AM Lunch
12:15PM Project Zowe
1:15PM Break
1:30PM Z Survey and Value of Z
2:30PM Container Pricing
3:30PM Close and Departure

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Garry Grandlienard, MBA
IBM Certified Architect
z Client Architect
IBM US, Financial Services Market
email:[email protected]
Mobile: 919.608.1317

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