Confidently Secure Your Data With Hyper Protect DBaaS in IBM Cloud on IBM Z

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As the name “Hyper Protect” implies, this solution offers a highly secure and highly available platform for hosting enterprise data. Hyper Protect DBaaS incorporates the unique value of Secure Service Containers (SSC) hosted on IBM Z. Tamper-proof and highly secure, SSC allows administrators to interact with the systems only via standard REST APIs (there is no SSH available).


Confidently Secure Your Data With Hyper Protect DBaaS in IBM Cloud on IBM Z 

In the present cognitive computing world, data is everything. Today, most data within an enterprise includes highly valuable information about either employers or employees.

The majority of threats to a typical enterprise’s data are posed by insiders such as system administrators or former employees. To counter these types of insider threats and to ensure secured data access, IBM Cloud has introduced Hyper Protect DBaaS, an off-premise, database-as-a-service offering hosted on IBM Z.

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