Simplify your infrastructure and reduce your costs of operation with server consolidation and virtualization


The Server Consolidation Sizing Analysis is the first step to performing a TCO analysis. SCON is used to determine the total capacity of each server in the study. The capacity is expressed as equivalent System z MIPS.


The SURF (Server Utilization Reduction Facility) tool takes the sizing results from the SCON tool and combines them with actual utilization reports for each distributed server being analyzed. SURF analyzes these reports and determines the actual System z capacity (MIPS) consumed at every time interval. That allows SURF to determine the peak concurrent consumption, as well as the patterns of consumption (i.e. when and how often peaks occur). Unlike other sizing studies that rely on a single metric for server utilization, this study uses the actual utilization data over multiple 24 hour days. That enables the study to find the peak intervals where maximum concurrent consumption occurs. The utilizations for each server during this interval are used to size the appropriate solution for consolidation.

The output from SURF is a sizing that determines how many z/IFLs are required to consolidate all or a subset of these servers. Once the sizing analysis is completed, these results are fed into the RACEv TCO tool where the actual TCO analysis is performed.

RACEv TCO Analysis

The RACEv TCO Analysis tool (Re-platform Applications to a Consolidated Environment) is a rapid assessment tool used to develop a Total Cost of Ownership model. It is used to evaluate the potential financial benefits of consolidating workloads from distributed server platforms onto the IBM System zEnterprise Server. A 3 or 5 year TCO analysis comparing current case versus IBM servers can be provided using a combination of assumptions, estimates, industry numbers and real data to develop the model. RACEv can either be at a high level or detailed level, based on actual server data points. Until completed to satisfaction, the RACEv TCO Analysis will be refined and then presented for review to Executive Management.

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