Pure Appliances

Pure Appliances for Intelligent Data Center Success

Pure Appliances are pre-configured, integrated infrastructure for today’s modernized, energy-efficient and intelligent data center. These appliances are optimized for a variety of specific uses and requirements, such as PureFlex for networking, PureData for applications and DB2, and other specialized needs.

As Intel-based solutions, they provide a cost-effective, small-footprint set of infrastructure to meet IT organizations’ need for smaller real estate and tighter budgets. The appliances can be easily and quickly deployed because they come with an integrated knowledge base of similar installations, thus cutting deployment time and costs. This built-in intelligence takes away much of the complexity normally associated with installation because they come pre-configured with the necessary hardware and software components, making turnkey deployment a reality.

Vicom Infinity’s staff of expert consultants and engineers have worked extensively with Pure Appliances, and they understand how to leverage this infrastructure’s integrated intelligence to get your solution up and running quickly, reliably and cost efficiently.

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