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Offering Education and Training for Data Center and Enterprise Systems Professionals


Step Out and Challenge Yourself!

The price of success is hard work and determination.


Fall classes starting August 26th 

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Data Center Education

The Data Center Certificate programs provide participants with essential knowledge and skills in facilities management, infrastructure, power, cooling, data communication, project management and cloud computing. Enroll Now!

Data Center Certificates


 Course Calendar


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Enterprise Systems Education

Marist College and IBM have jointly developed these worldwide programs designed to educate personnel who are entering the field as well as those with experience in z/OS and a variety of application programming tracks including Assembler, COBOL, and DB2 language. A combination of lecture and “hands on” experience helps build valuable skills needed by mainframe professionals. Enroll Now!


Running Linux Systems in a z/VM Virtualized Environment  will give students the tools to proficiently deploy Linux systems in a virtualized z/VM environment.


 Enterprise Systems Certificates 


Course Calendar


Dede Hourican, 845-575-3588,

Data Center Education


Roberta Diggins, 845-575-3601,

Enterprise Systems Education




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