MVMUA meeting October 23, 2018

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The next MVMUA meeting will be held at Information Builders in New York on October 23, 2018 .

This will be the first meeting after z/VM 7.1. goes GA, Your chance to talk to and ask questions to the IBM Developers.

Let us know if you will be able to attend.


Metropolitan VM Users Association    173

TUESDAY                                                      TUESDAY
October 23, 2018

Information Builders Corporate Headquarters
27th Floor – 2 Penn Plaza
7th Ave, and 32nd St.
New York City, New York
(Right above Penn Station)

8:30 AM   Continental Breakfast – Breakfast provided by VicomInfinityInc.

9:15 AM   Eric Schuler-Dalverny  –  IBI  –  Meeting Opening

9:20 AM   Len Santalucia – Vicom – Open Mainframe Project Mainframe Study Update

What Does Today’s Buyer Think about Mainframe?
Len Santalucia, CTO of Vicom Infinity and Chairperson of the Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project, will present the study results from the Open Mainframe Project that looks at the perceptions of the mainframe, and separates the myths from the facts of today’s mainframe

9:50 AM        Coffee Break

10:00 AM   Mike MacIsaac – ADP – Lessons Learned from Private Cloud on z

After developing and deploying a private cloud solution on z for many years, you learn a few lessons.  The speaker will first convey the business needs and payback of the “self-service” solution that has been implemented in a large shop, give a description of it, and also give a live demonstration.  All along, lessons learned will be interspersed.

11:00 PM        Coffee Break

11:10 PM   John Franciscovich – IBM – Leveraging the Newest Capability in z/VM

z/VM 6.4 is the current release of z/VM. Since its initial release in November 2016, several enhancements have been provided via PTFs. This session will cover the newest enhancements to z/VM 6.4, including steps required to run on the IBM z14. We will also discuss preparing to exploit some of z/VM 6.4’s new capabilities.

12:10 PM        LUNCH Break  – Lunch provided by   Vicom InfinityInc.

1:10 PM   Walter Church, Stephanie R Rivero, Brian Thompson – IBM – Memory Reclamation: Feature Presentation

The flexibility to reassign (add and remove) system resources is critical to customers. Today’s workloads are not static. With Dynamic Memory Downgrade on the IBM z14, a system administrator can take real memory offline from a z/VM partition, making it available to other partitions on the CEC. The removal will be dynamic; no reIPL of the z/VM image is required to accomplish a change in the memory configuration. This session with describe these new capabilities, give some guidance on use, and walk through some examples.

2:10 PM    Coffee – Cookies – Break

2:20 PM   John Franciscovich – IBM – Understanding z/VM’s LGR and Relocation Domains

It sounds like an old real estate joke, but the three most important things to understand about Live Guest Relocation: Domains, Domains, Domains. Live Guest Relocation was introduced in z/VM 6.2 and many customers have grown to love it and depend on it. One of the key concepts associated with LGR is relocation domains. If you’ve ever wanted to really understand this part of the whole relocation construct, then come to this session. We’ll describe what relocation domains are and how they effect LGR. You’ll leave being able to understand how virtual architectures are influenced by relocation domains and how they affect LGR. In other words, you’ll leave being able to amaze your friends and coworkers.

3:25 PM   Meeting adjourned and thanks to IBI and VicomInfinityInc.

Bill Munson

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