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What makes the VM Workshop different from other technical conferences? 

Beginning back in 1977, the VM Workshop was organized by and for VM Systems Programmers.  Almost all presentations were written and presented by VM Systems Programming customers at universities around the North American continent.  The VM community has always relied upon the contributions of many different people. The VM Workshop philosophy is that everyone has something interesting to say. Therefore, no presentation is too short or too trivial. Sometimes you will find great talks in modest little time slots, little tips and how-to’s you can put to work as soon as you get back to the office.

After an eleven-year respite, between 1998 and the reanimation of the VM Workshop in 2011 (adding sessions for Linux on z Systems, and VSE) there has been a heavier reliance on IBM and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) presentations. Those vendor presentations are appropriately technical and very worthwhile and valuable, but actual customer presentations are the heart and soul of the up-close-and-personal VM Workshops.


We need you to “pay it forward”, sharing your own expertise. 

Even if you are new to the mainframe, z/VM, z/VSE, or Linux on z you have experiences to share.  Old-timers have been doing that they do for decades (Systems Programmers are well known for not RTFM’ing), YOU may well open their eyes to something they did not know, or a new and better way to perform a task.  Share with the attendees:

  • ·         something you installed,
  • ·         something you wrote,
  • ·         something you discovered (there are myriad dark corners in the Linux on z, z/VM, and z/VSE environments),
  • ·         how you diagnosed and resolved a problem,
  • ·         etc.

Please… share your experience by shedding a light on some dark corner so that other attendees can return from the VM Workshop ready to put that shared knowledge to immediate use.  Just by the act of preparing a presentation you’re sure to learn something new, and the odds are good that you’ll learn something new from the attendees as you make the presentation.

You won’t find a more-accepting and appreciative audience anywhere else.  To borrow an advertising slogan: “Just DO IT!”  There are only a few open session slots remaining.  For details about submitting a presentation idea, see:

Thank you for your participation at the 2018 VM Workshop!  See:




Regards, Len


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